Following Warlingham's Parish Plan, Warlingham Parish Council set up five projects in order to follow up some of the Plan's most important suggestions.

Open Spaces. A large part of Warlingham is open space and this project aims to both safeguard those areas and also to identify ways of enhancing their quality.

Development Guidelines. This project was designed to specify advice which would encourage development along favourable lines. As a result of this project, the Warlingham Village Design Statement was produced. The Design Statement first describes Warlingham as it is today, identifying the broad principles which encompass the character and sense of the place, and which its residents believe should be respected by new development.

The Design Statement is intended to provide useful contextual and background information for District Council Planning Officers, Councillors and Parish Councillors, as well as being a source of guidance for planning applicatants. The Design Statement is not an adopted Supplementary Planning Document.

The Green. The heart of Warlingham is its Green, which is much valued by local residents. This project seeks ways to encourage the vitality of activity, especially commercial activity, around The Green in order to foster its well-being. A study is in progress to improve its vitality and appearance (click Green Design Study, under Parish Council Menu for more information). It is recognised that landscaping could improve matters in the short run but it is felt that a more comprehensive make-over would harmonise competing pressures. Lighting for the War Memorial and the surrounding flower beds has been installed, along with electricity sockets to avoid the need for the use of generators when events are held there. A flagpole was installed to complement the war memorial. The War Memorial was professionally cleaned recently and more will be done over time.

Entry Signs. Unlike many towns and villages, Warlingham is not completely surrounded by open country. So its boundaries and therefore its identity are not clearly apparent. This project has introduced signs on the main road entrances to Warlingham which, it is hoped, will add to an increased sense of identity. In 2010 the first two signs were installed, both on the Limpsfield Road, one at the Hamsey Green end, the other at the Hare and Hounds (now Amano) end. A sign at the intersection of Harrow Road with Farleigh Road (opposite the Inn) was added in 2013. The latest and probably the final addition in 2014 was on the south side of the intersection between Oakley and Westhall Roads.

Walking Map. Two maps showing suggested walks round and through Warlingham have now been completed. One map has been developed with wheelchair and pushchair users in mind. These maps can be obtained from our community library and the railway station ticket office atrium.

Pavement in front of the Cooperative. Several planters have been installed to make the area abutting the Green more pedestrian friendly.