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The documents listed relate to the village green design concept study initiated by the Parish Council at the behest of Warlingham residents some years ago.

Residents were briefed and consulted over the years at various fora before arriving at this design concept stage. There still remains work to be completed by third parties to assess and determine feasibility before any firm and do-able proposal can be put to the residents for consultation. A working committee comprising a few each of shopkeepers, residents/green users and councillors will be formed in 2015 to take the design concept forward.

Towards year end 2014 several residents expressed concerns over the initial design concept. Questions from the residents were noted and have been answered in the 'Public Questions and WPC Answers' document.

You can download and view the documents listed below. These are in either .pdf or .doc/.docx formats. Please ensure you have the appropriate software to view the documents.


pdf Discussion Plan (May 2014) Popular

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Discussion Plan May 2014.pdf

Plan drawing of the Green

document Give our village green a makeover, say residents. (Caterham Mirror 31 Jan 2008) Popular

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Caterham Mirror article 31 Jan 2008.docx

Caterham Mirror article, 31 Jan 2008

document Green Improvement Project Update (Feb 2017) Popular

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Green Improvement Project Update 0117.docx

document Green Improvement Project Update (Jan 2016) Popular

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Green Improvement Project Update.docx

document Resident Comment Form Popular

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Resident Comment Form.docx

document Statement on the Green Redesign Popular

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WPC Green redesign statement final Nov 14

document The Green - WPC Statement 17 June 2015 Popular

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Architect's brief agreed and approved by the working group & WPC

document The Village Green Working Group Update Popular

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Green Working Group Update.docx

Working Group Meeting

pdf Urban Design Study (Aug 2011) Popular

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Urban Design Study Aug 2011.pdf

First study report

pdf Urban Design Study Stage 2 Interim (May 2013) Popular

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Urban Design Study Stage 2 Interim May 2013.pdf

Interim stage 2 report

document Warlingham Green Redesign FAQ v3 Popular

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Warlingham Green Redesign_FAQ_v3.docx

Updated FAQ V3 on 28/2/2015