At its annual meeting on 10 May the Parish Council voted for its chairman and vice chairman for the next municipal year and agreed who would sit on which committees and outside bodies and who would be responsible for which areas of parish activity.

 Simon Morrow was again elected as chairman, with Jane Newsome becoming vice chair for the first time. Councillors Morrow, Patel, Prew and Steer will sit on the Green Improvement Working Group with David Cooley standing down due to ill health. Councillor Keith Prew will join Simon Morrow and Gill Woods on the Library Committee. Two representatives each were appointed for the Remembrance Day, Walks, Christmas Lights and World War One committees, while Councillors Adams, Cooley, Newsome, Prew and Woods will continue to serve on the hard working planning committee, which meets every three weeks to consider planning applications in Warlingham. Remember you can attend and speak at this committee, which meets on a Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Library – the dates are on the noticeboard and website.

Kenny Evans was re-appointed to oversee the Common Land which the Parish owns at the southern entrance to Warlingham: Kenny checks that the area is safe and tidy, in particular keeping an eye on the trees so that they are pruned when necessary. Cindy Steer and Anna Patel lead on “Warlingham Appearance” , managing work that needs to be done to keep our village and particularly The Green looking smart and attractive. Cindy personally tends the planters outside the Co-op and Anna organises bulb planting and litter clearance sessions. Keith Prew manages the Council's website and Jane Newsome our new Facebook page. Keith also organises the snow clearing team which jumps into action to clear and grit the pavements around the Green whenever it snows. Annie Andrews and Jane Newsome liaise with Surrey Highways on potholes and other highways issues, and Simon Morrow and Jane Newsome maintain a dialogue with Surrey and the bus operators on our bus services.

Representatives were also appointed to the Blanchman’s Farm Management Committee, the Village Hall Management Committee, Church Hall Management Committee, East Surrey Transport Committee (lobbies on rail matters), Hamsey Green Sure Start Board, East Surrey History Centre, Warlingham & Chelsham Relief in Need charity and Surrey Association of Local Councils.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 10 January at 7.30 in Warlingham Library.