On 20th May parish councillors and local residents were out on the parish- owned Common Land at the southern entrance to Warlingham picking up litter. Several bags were filled with bottles, cans and other types of litter gathered from the grass, trees and bushes.

Regular litter picks are arranged by the Parish Council as part of its commitment to maintain an attractive environment in Warlingham, and the next is planned for Westhall Road in the autumn.  Councillor Anna Patel, who organised the litter pick, said: “It’s amazing how much litter builds up on areas of public land like the Common Land over a period of months. But it’s very satisfying to be part of a team that cleans things up and see the difference it makes. I’m very grateful to Tandridge Council for supplying us with litter pickers and bags and for collecting the rubbish afterwards, and to all those councillors and residents who came along to help.”

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 5 July from 7:30 pm in Warlingham Library.