The Parish Council has been working for some time on a project to improve and refurbish The Green. Last year a consultation was held on a design which was then amended to reflect residents’ comments. The main elements of the scheme are new road and pavement surfacing incorporating attractive paving, new crossings to enable pedestrians to reach the central Green from all three sides, improved drainage, new street furniture and planting.

The scheme has now been costed and discussions held on how the approximately £1.9 million total cost could be funded. As funding will not be available for the full scheme in one year, the project will have to be phased. A first phase costing between £400,000 and £500,000 appears to be realistic, jointly funded by the Community Infrastructure Funds (“CIL”) held by the District and Parish councils.

We have asked the project architect to modify the design to enable the scheme to be delivered in three or four phases. The main change is to have an un-patterned surface and to largely keep to existing road widths.

The Council has agreed that phase one of the scheme will comprise new pavements on two sides (Co-op and newsagent) , kerb modifications to improve turning at the corners, improved drainage to address the flooding at the eastern corner, the new crossings, humps to slow traffic at the entrances to The Green and some new furniture and planting.

The architect will now produce a detailed phase one design. We hope to present the scheme to residents for approval in a public vote in the first quarter of 2020.