Since it was formed in 2000, Warlingham Parish Council has worked to improve the area. Among its accomplishments are:

Bus Service. The Parish Council successfully negotiated with Metrobus Ltd to provide additional 409 services between Great Park and Upper Warlingham station during AM and PM peak times to meet trains. These are in place serving the community. In autumn 2012 infrastructure work started on the 409 route from Selsdon to Croydon. As a result the few 409 services to and from Croydon now terminate and start from Sainsbury's, Selsdon instead of Fairfield Halls, Croydon. This was expected to continue until June 2013. However, it was noted that only very few people (on several occasions, none) ever used the route from Caterham / Warlingham through to Croydon or from Croydon through to Warlingham / Caterham. Terminating all 409 services at Selsdon has freed up Metrobus Ltd's bus and driver capacity. In view of the large gaps (up to over 1 hour) in 409 services in some morning and afternoon hours, your Parish Council negotiated with Metrobus to increase the frequency of 409 to fill these gaps and better serve the community. An agreement has been concluded with TfL to allow 409 ticket holders to Selsdon to continue on to Croydon on the T33 from any one of the shared bus stops in Selsdon at no extra charge. The T33 bus is a more frequent service and a transfer passenger, it is hoped, will not have to wait too long for the connection. A new time table with increased frequency 409 services has been published and is in operation.

A new hourly 357 bus service from Warlingham to Reigate via Redhill, on the 1/2 hour from Warlingham Sainsbury's with the exception of the first that leaves Warlingham Sainsbury's at 07:20 and the last at 17:00, Monday to Friday, was introduced by Southdown PSV Ltd on 1 September 2014. The last bus departs Redhill bus station for Warlingham at 17:40.

Train Service. Commuters and other train users to and from London may have noticed increased number of coaches on peak hour and weekend trains making it easier to get a seat and travel in comfort. On May 19 2013, a new train time table came into effect introducing additional trains on Sundays. Instead of one train per hour there are now two with revised half hourly departure times from both London and Upper Warlingham during the main hours of the day. Missed a train by a few minutes? Good news:The next train is in less than 1/2 an hour. You don't have to wait for almost an hour for the next train!

Parish Plan. The Parish Council supported the production of a Parish Plan for Warlingham (see which identified a number of areas worthy of following up in order to enhance living in Warlingham. See the Current Projects section of this website for further information.

Grants. Each year the Parish Council allocates grants to local voluntary organisations. Over the last few years these grants have come to a total between £5,000 and £6,000 each year, with over twenty different groups making successful applications.

Entry Signs. The Parish Council commissioned the design and installation of Entry Signs to Warlingham. Three have beeninstalled; one at Hamsey Green end of Limpsfield Road, the second just south of Sainsbury's and the third at the juntion between Westhall Road and Oakley Road.

Walks Leaflets. The Parish Council organised the production of two Walks leaflets, both containing descriptions of two walks starting and finishing on The Green. Copies may be found in the Documents section of this website, the library and at Upper Warlingham station adjacent the ticket office.

Flag Pole on the Green. Installed in January 2014.

The war memorial on the Green. This has been professionally cleaned and restored.

Off the Green. The small grassy patch between Son Flowers and the White Lion in front of the red brick building was prone to flooding and its maintenance was an issue. The area was excavated to ensure drainage and tarmacked over. Planters and benches have been installed for the weary passerby to rest awhile and watch the world go by.

Planters for Warlingham Green. As part of the initiative to improve Warlingham Green's appearance, the Parish Council installed and filled 10 planters on the pavement outside the Co-Op.  Apart from improving the general appearance of the Green, the planters have the added benefit of restricting illegal parking on the pavement in that area.