3 Burfield Drive,  Warlingham, CR6 9JS. 07860 312141
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Councillor Profile:

Keith has lived in Warlingham with his wife Gillian and 3 children for the past 12 years. Although a relative newcomer to Warlingham, Keith recognises what it has to offer as a village community and what makes it a great place to live. He has a particular interest in supporting initiatives that maintain Warlingham's identity as a village and enhance its capability to support the local community.

Keith has represented Warlingham West as a Parish Councillor since 2014. Keith is responsible for the Parish Council’s website and is a member of the Green Working Group and Planning sub-committee. Keith also co-ordinates Warlingham’s volunteer snow clearance team.

A project manager and design engineer by profession, Keith recently retired after many years in the mobile phone industry. Interests include cycling and sailing.