Following Warlingham's Parish Plan, Warlingham Parish Council is managing a number of projects in order to follow up on some of the Plan's most important suggestions and to generally make Warlingham a better place to live in. 

The Green

• Maintaining the Planters and the area by the Farleigh Road junction

• New bin installed.

• Hanging Baskets: Regularly refreshed

• Unauthorised Banners and Posters removed

• Bank and garage sites: urging TDC & owners to keep sites respectable and supporting positive and appropriate proposals

• Commercial Review undertaken: traders’ views recorded and will inform future actions. Attempting to form Traders Group

• War Memorial: quotes obtained to clean it ; extended discussions with WM Trust about re-carving letters

Green Improvement Project

• Capacity Assessment undertaken last Summer of the one way & two way Schemes

• Both schemes and existing layout found to be way over capacity at peak times

• Volume of traffic meant Surrey Highways decreed the mini-roundabout in the two-way scheme not acceptable: so two way scheme dropped

• One way scheme revised by working group and published for resident comment

• Consultation held in March & April via sessions and display in the Library and publication on website: 36 written submissions received

• Working Group met in May to agree what changes should be made

Green Improvement Project – Changes to be made due to Consultation


• Many supportive comments of overall concept

• Refreshment kiosk & maze removed

• Flower beds near war memorial restored

• Water feature added

• Low kerbs instead of bollards next to parking bays

• Westhall road corner amended: protective bollards added, zebra crossing pushed back & island removed

• Low level planting on Green and islands

Warlingham Appearance

• The Parish Council does its best to keep Warlingham attractive

• Bulb planting at base of gateway signs

• Regular Litter Picks organised on common land; plan to do Westhall Road near Green in autumn

• The field at Westhall/Hillbury junction attracts a lot of litter and the hedge a problem: occupant pressed to get hedge cut back and clear litter

• Unsightly banners and signs removed by Surrey at our request

Parks & Open Spaces

• Mint Walk Recreation Ground: formed working group to support residents suffering ASB; resulting in CCTV installation shortly and police engagement

• New Bench in Blanchmans Community Wildlife Area

• Common Land: tree survey undertaken and remedial works done

• Kennel Farm Fields: investigation into establishing a right of way including calling for evidence from residents; analysis of responses in due course


• Regular reporting of potholes and other highway defects; but Surrey regularly say insufficient funds to do desired work.

• Parking Enforcement: discussion continued with R&B to try to reach agreement on us paying for extra resource; but unsuccessful to date and now TDC has resolved R&B should be replaced

• Snow Clearance: the Green cleared by volunteers this Winter as every year. More volunteers always welcome

• Lobbied to get Street Lights turned back on & offered to pay –lighting now extended to 1 a.m. Pressing for Mint Walk to stay on with police support

• Grass cutting frequency may be reduced: we’ve budgeted to pay towards maintaining it


• Planning Committee meets three weekly to review applications in Warlingham and makes representations to TDC. Objections lodged where felt to be out of character or unneighbourly.

• You can still examine plans in the Library due to our (and other) representations

• Local Plan: we still await the Draft Local Plan which will say which Warlingham sites are proposed for development

Warlingham Community Library

• Parish Council and Surrey County Council jointly run the Library in a unique partnership agreement, which continues to work well

• Fifth Anniversary of the CPL celebrated in January. Huge thanks to our volunteers for making it such a success

• Continuing increase in visits and book issues

• The volunteers continue to do displays, events and welcome visits from schools; the Summer Reading Challenge is very successful and inspires children to join the Library and read

• Hiring out continues for meetings and other suitable activities

Village Events & Community Groups

• Christmas Lights are partly funded and fully supported : this year’s event attracted over 4,500 attendees

• Remembrance Sunday: a parish council committee organises this important annual service on The Green. 1,200 attended last November. Matting purchased to assist.

• Continue to fund and support the annual Warlingham Walk: 2017 walk had about 70 participants

• £11,000 was given in grants to local organisations including £5000 to the Church Hall for internal improvements


• Monthly article in CR6 provides updates on Council activities

• Website provides core information as well as news stories

• Community Events Listing: please advise your events to Cllr Prew

• Facebook Page set up and used to publicise important events and activities

• Noticeboard: please do look at the notices