Many of you will be aware that travellers recently parked on Farleigh Common for the third time this year. Although this is in Chelsham and Farleigh, it also impacts on Warlingham, in particular Harrow Road and Farleigh Road.

We expect the bulk of the cost of installing land protection measures to be met by Tandridge Council and by Merton College who own the land. However, in case money still needs to be raised, Warlingham Parish Council has offered to make a contribution of £1,500. If this money is needed, it will help ensure that the defences are built as soon as possible.

Every year the Parish Council awards grants to community projects and organisations which benefit the people of Warlingham.

We want to fund projects which

• support the Parish Council’s strategic aims of improving Warlingham’s environment, facilities, economy, security, and community.
• have specific end-dates. We will not normally consider applications for running costs
• have specific and measurable outcomes

To be successful, applicants must:

• be based in Warlingham or be able to demonstrate they provide a significant level of service for Warlingham residents
• have a clear record of benefiting the Warlingham community
• demonstrate they are raising money from other sources.

Priority will be given to those organisations most in need of funds

The grant application form will be available on the Parish Council’s website from 28th September. The deadline for receipt of applications is 30th October 2020 and completed applications should be sent to either: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to: Warlingham Parish Council, c/o Warlingham Community Library, Shelton Avenue, CR6 9NF

All qualifying applications will be assessed later in the year and decisions communicated shortly afterwards.

pdf Grant Application Form 2020/21 (126 KB)

The Parish Council has objected to a proposal which could see a large number of HGV lorries travelling through Warlingham Green to Covers Farm, Westerham as part of a scheme to restore the quarry to grassland.

The latest news is that Surrey County Council Highways engineers have assessed the route through Warlingham into Kent and consider it to be unsuitable for HGV traffic. They will pass these findings to their counterparts in Kent County Council so that this information can be included in the planning assessment.

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