Inadequate enforcement of the parking restrictions particularly in and around Warlingham Green is a longstanding issue which causes much annoyance to shopkeepers and residents alike.This includes motorists overstaying beyond the one hour restriction, parking in the disabled bays outside the Co-op and the Library, and parking on yellow lines. Overstaying is a big issue for our shopkeepers, as it prevents potential customers parking and loses them trade, so is a direct threat to the prosperity of our village centre. There are also issues outside our schools and near the sports clubs on Sunday morning.

On street parking enforcement in Tandridge is undertaken by Reigate & Banstead Council on behalf of Surrey County Council, the highways authority, who until recently have only deployed two officers across the whole District. Their focus has unsurprisingly been on Caterham and Oxted and, in the opinion of local councillors including the parish council, Warlingham has received insufficient attention.

For this reason the Parish Council has budgeted to pay for additional parking warden time dedicated to Warlingham, but two years of discussion with Reigate & Banstead have so far failed to produce an agreement. However there has been some progress recently as other parishes have indicated their willingness to pay for additional enforcement, which may enable Reigate & Banstead to employ an extra warden covering several parishes, its preferred option. A meeting was held on 4 January with representatives of Reigate & Banstead, Surrey County Council and a number of parishes including Warlingham, which allowed each parish to set out its particular issues. The Reigate & Banstead parking manager has now undertaken to revert to the parishes with a proposition to address these, and it is hoped that this will result in Warlingham Parish Council being able to conclude a satisfactory agreement which will see a much more visible and effective parking enforcement operation in Warlingham.