In the last update in CR6, early last year, we advised that the Green Improvement Working Group had approved amendments to the two schemes being considered to take account of the Traffic Assessment done by a highway consultant and the views of Surrey County Council, the highways authority, and that both schemes would be subject to a capacity assessment by the highways consultant to confirm that they could accommodate existing and predicted traffic volumes.

Following the agreed changes to the schemes, the capacity assessment together with further tracking work was carried out over the Summer and found that both the existing layout and the proposed schemes are/would be over capacity – i.e. generate traffic queues at peak times, although both new schemes would improve the way large vehicles could manoeuvre around The Green and the two way scheme provided a small improvement in capacity. However the consultant warned that – given the volumes of traffic recorded – national guidance was that a four arm mini roundabout, as proposed in the two way scheme at the southern end of The Green, was not recommended, and advised checking with Surrey Highways.

Surrey Highways has now stated that it does not support a four arm mini roundabout, which unfortunately means that the two way scheme, which would have pedestrianised one side of The Green, cannot now proceed. The Council and the working group will now arrange a public consultation in a Warlingham venue to enable residents to give their views on the other scheme, which maintains the existing one way traffic flows but introduces new crossings and more attractive road and pavement surfaces as well as other improvements.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 4 July at 7.30 in Warlingham Library.