Tandridge Council has granted planning permission for a mixed use development of 9 flats and either a shop or office on the former Manor Park Garage site. This comes after two applications for flats only were refused in accordance with the Council’s policies to protect commercial/employment sites in suitable locations.

The shop or office will be on the ground floor in the area adjacent to The Green, with flats above and behind and parking on the west side and rear boundaries of the site. A condition has been imposed preventing the conversion of the commercial space to residential.

As residents will be aware the site is currently an eyesore and the Parish Council has been pressing Tandridge to do what it can to get the owner to improve its appearance. As a result Tandridge will be writing to the owner threatening to issue a legal Improvement Notice unless the site is improved, e.g. by removing weeds and rubbish and boarding up all windows and openings.