The Parish Council has submitted its response to the Draft Tandridge Local Plan and objected to the disproportionate number of homes allocated to Warlingham as compared to the other main settlements in the District such as Oxted. It has also strongly objected to the allocation of land behind Boxwood way for housing.

The Draft Local Plan proposes that 400 out of a total of 768 homes allocated to the urban parts of the District be in Warlingham. The Council believes this is disproportionate and that other places should be taking a greater share. It questions whether the local roads and transport infrastructure can cope with the significant increase in population and asks if sites in other places have been fairly assessed as against those in Warlingham. The Council opposes development on the land behind Boxwood Way to which 50 homes have been allocated as “Unsound”, as this land is attractive countryside in an Area of Great Landscape Value (“AGLV”) fulfilling Green Belt purposes, and its development would have a major impact on the attractive landscape.

The Council decided not to specifically object to the three other sites allocated as “Unsound”, a major concern being that if Tandridge reduces its already low number of homes (6056 against a requirement of 9,300) much further the Plan will be rejected by the Inspector who will allocate many of the sites currently not chosen, including more sites in Warlingham. In this connection it noted and supported the green strip promised to screen the development on the Greenacres/John Fisher site and the requirement to replace lost sports pitches within the Warlingham area.

Finally the Council objected to the reduction in the affordable housing percentage in urban areas from 34 to 20% in view of the desperate need for this accommodation, and asked for a more flexible policy for shopping centres such as Warlingham Green to allow non-retail uses such as cafes where they will contribute to the vitality of the centre.

To see the Council's full response to the Draft Local Plan please click here