The District Council has temporarily withdrawn the service whereby planning applications are delivered to libraries so that residents and councillors can review them in a more accessible format than is provided by viewing them on screen on the Tandridge website.

This is due to reductions and changes in staffing caused by a reorganisation (“Customer First”) initiated to address the challenges of ongoing cuts in Government support to councils. It is hoped that the service will be restored in March once the reorganisation is complete.

The Parish Council regards the service as very important and has therefore arranged for a Library volunteer to print the key plans for each application on a fortnightly basis. These will be on A4 sheets rather than the original size, so will not be a full substitute for the originals, but should still be easier to understand than viewing the plans on a small computer screen.

Should Tandridge Council fail to restore the service in March or shortly thereafter, the Parish Council will consider options for providing fully intelligible plans in the Library.