The War Memorial on Warlingham Green has now been professionally cleaned as the first stage in the Refurbishment Programme planned to bring it back as near as possible to the condition it was when erected.

The Parish Council applied to the War Memorial Trust for a grant to help carry out this important and specialist work, and has now been notified that this has been approved. This is only the start of the process. Warlingham's War Memorial is a Grade II Listed Building and as such this project will be overseen by the local Historic Buildings Officer and a representative of the War Memorial Trust to ensure it is handled in the most appropriate and sensitive manner.

The next stage is a survey to see which lettering needs to be sharpened up or re-cut. This can only be done on site, hand carved by an experienced stonemason It is important that as little as possible is re-cut, as it is vital that as much of the original work remains untouched as possible, thus connecting with the original design of nearly 100 years ago,

What is less of a problem is the replacement of the broken rifle barrel, damaged over 30 years ago, and broken off completely. Again a skilled stonemason and sculptor will need to recreate the missing section from old photos or even by visiting a museum to look at an original rifle similar to that on the statue.  The Parish Council will then consider whether there should be a new plaque with the names of the fallen from WWII. At the moment these are absent from the Memorial, but are on a tablet in All Saints Church. This will need much discussion and the views of all in Warlingham should be considered.

When the programme is complete it is envisaged that the War Memorial will be rededicated, perhaps to commemorate the Centenary of the original dedication in November 1921.

Full details and history of the War Memorial can be found here:-

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 4th September at 7.30 in Warlingham Library.