Residents will no doubt be aware that Surrey County Council has proposed moving Warlingham Village School from its position in Farleigh Road to a new location on the Greenacres site in Limpsfield Road north of The Green, enabling the expansion of the School to a two or three rather than one form entry and the provision of more modern facilities and a playing field which it doesn't currently have.

This has generated widespread opposition from parents and other residents who believe the move is not justified and greatly value the existing location and character of the school. Campaigners have attended Parish Council meetings to raise their concerns and as a result the Council debated the issue at its last meeting on 6 February. It was suggested that, from the information available, it did not appear that two more forms were needed in Warlingham, and the representation from Tandridge Learning Trust, which manages Hamsey Green School, that Hamsey Green could accommodate an extra form as it has in the past was noted.

The traffic implications of a move and the desirability of having both Warlingham primary schools so close together were also discussed as was the lack of consultation with the management of both schools and local residents. The practicalities of expanding the School on its existing site and the limitations of the current building and facilities were also raised.

It was agreed that a letter be sent to the Cabinet Member and Director for Education at Surrey County Council listing the Council’s concerns and asking for answers to the many questions raised.