Residents may be aware that Surrey County Council had proposed to close the Bond Road Recycling Centre (CRC) in March , alongside three other smaller centres in Surrey, in order to save money, but that as a result of strong representations made, including by the Parish Council, it has been agreed to keep it open until the end of September, while attempts are made to identify the targeted savings elsewhere.

However the Council was advised in March that as from 7 May the site will only accept recyclable materials, so items such as old mattresses which aren’t recyclable will have to be taken elsewhere, e.g. to the facility at Chaldon Road, Caterham. Surrey justifies this on the basis that non-recyclable waste is more costly to process.

The Parish Council has written to object, pointing out that it is vital that residents can dispose of their non-recyclable items at a convenient location, and that the policy is likely to reduce usage of the site and lead to more fly tipping in the area. It has now been invited to attend a meeting with the newly formed County Council Waste Task Group which will consider the future of Bond Road and the other CRCs, and Councillors Lister and Pursehouse will represent the Parish in these discussions.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 4th September at 7.30 in Warlingham Library.