The extensive Warlingham Parish Council funded cleaning and renovation of Warlingham’s war memorial on The Green has been completed; the first such renovation since its erection in 1921.

The work, supervised and managed by Warlingham-based Rowland Brothers, included cleaning and sharpening up of carving and a third of the lettering. The biggest challenge was the repair of the soldier’s rifle, which has been broken for 25 years. This required creating a new end for the rifle and attaching it to the remaining barrel.

The War Memorial Trust strictly controlled what work was done, only allowing essential repairs and renovation.

Grants were received from The War Memorial Trust and Surrey County Council Historic Buildings.

Says Cllr Robin Bloore, who led on the project for the parish council: “The memorial, which is the centre of Warlingham’s act of remembrance each year, has come to be a symbol of the village, so we decided that it was about time it was restored to its original stature.”

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