From the Chairman of Warlingham Parish Council

I am delighted to announce that the Warlingham CRC on Bond Road is no longer under threat of closure. This follows a long period of campaigning by residents and the Parish Council and the work of our County Councillor Becky Rush.

The decision was made by Surrey County Council’s Cabinet on 29th October following the recommendations of the County Council’s Waste Task Force which looked at recycling across the whole of Surrey. Cllr Rush was a member of the Task Force and pushed hard to save Warlingham CRC. Parish Councillors also made representations to the Task Force on behalf of Warlingham residents.

Cllr Rush spoke at the Cabinet meeting about these vital services and about potentially viewing Warlingham and Caterham CRC as a combined offering enabling residents to have most waste and recycling services within a 2-mile distance and alleviating some of the congestion at each. She tells me that she has been speaking with the Cabinet member for waste and that he is receptive to this.

While it is great news that the facility will remain open, it is essential that some vital services are returned. It looks like we will be able to recycle wood again in future, and we hope that other vital services such as hard plastic and carpets will also be restored. We would also like to see future opening days and hours increased. The Parish Council will continue discussing this with Becky Rush.

We need to make it easy for residents to dispose of their waste and recycling responsibly. Keeping Warlingham CRC open is a critical step towards doing this.

If you would like to contact Becky Rush please email her on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.