In November, Cllrs Morrow and Pursehouse gave evidence on behalf of the Parish Council to the Planning Inspector who is currently examining Tandridge District Council’s Local Plan. A number of issues were addressed of interest to all of us in Warlingham, including the case for moving Warlingham Village Primary School and the need for re-provision of playing pitches.

At the hearing, the Planning Inspector asked Tandridge District Council for further evidence on both these issues and gave the Parish Council an opportunity to respond. We have now written formally to the Inspector.

We have stressed again how essential it is that replacement pitches are located within Warlingham and have asked for the removal of any suggestion that South Godstone might be a fall-back location for displaced pitches.

We have also argued strongly that there is no evidence to justify the relocation of Warlingham Village Primary School and that this proposal should be removed from the Plan. As the relocation of the school, was used as a reason for removing land from the Green Belt, we have told the Inspector that we would like to see the land used for community value – specifically for an indoor sports facility – and not for more housing.