The proposal to restore the quarry at Covers Farm, Westerham to grassland is still under consideration by Kent County Council.  The restoration of the quarry is estimated to require 0.8 million cubic metres of reclaimed materials, all of which has to be brought to the site by road.  It is now clear that roughly 15 per cent of these two-way HGV trips to the quarry will use the highly unsuitable Croydon Road (B024) via Warlingham village centre.    This could mean one HGV lorry going through The Green every 10 minutes over an 11-hour day, five days a week for a period of 5 to 6 years. 

The Parish Council has objected strongly to this.  Part of our frustration is that Kent County Council is developing a proposal that will limit the impact of HGV traffic on its own villages and town centres, resulting in more HGV traffic being pushed onto unsuitable Surrey roads.

Our County Councillor Becky Rush has raised this issue on our behalf with Surrey Highways who have asked Kent to restrict all HGV movements associated with the proposal to roads outside Tandridge.  We have also written to our MP asking for protection for Warlingham in the form of a total embargo on HGV lorries.   However, the formal consultation period has now closed and the final decision rests with Kent County Council.