Many residents will be aware that the amount of parking enforcement activity around Warlingham Green and our schools is very limited, as there are only two parking wardens for the whole of the Tandridge District. As a result local councillors often receive complaints of cars being parked all day at The Green, where the waiting period is limited to an hour, and of dangerous parking on yellow lines near the schools.

So for some time the Parish Council has been lobbying for additional enforcement activity in Warlingham, but with no success. But now as a result of pressure from us, District councillors and other bodies, the District Council has decided to undertake a review of all aspects of parking across the District and has asked parishes if they would be willing to contribute funds towards additional enforcement in their areas. Warlingham Parish Council has said it would, and has allocated £2,500 in its budget for 2017/18 with the expectation that this will provide an agreed number of hours enforcement in Warlingham each week .
The current parking enforcement contract expires in March and we expect firm proposals for a new improved parking enforcement service to come forward later this year.