We’ve been brightening the village with 18 replanted hanging baskets which are
supplied, maintained and watered throughout the year. On top of this, the Parish
Clerk manages the planters outside the Co-op and the hanging baskets contractor
waters and feeds these plants during the summer months to keep them looking their

Some of you will have noticed that the Union Flag on The Green is looking brighter.
To coincide with the relaxation of lockdown and to welcome everyone back to the
heart of the Village, Parish Councillors recently hoisted a new flag to replace the old
worn one.

Warlingham residents have voted to support the Parish Council’s plans to improve The Green – 81% voted in favour, 19% against.

Parish Council Chair, Charles Lister commented “This scheme has taken years of hard work to develop, so it’s fantastic that it has been so overwhelmingly endorsed by the community. It will make an enormous improvement to the heart of our village. My thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.”

The Parish Council will be seeking to progress the scheme as quickly as practicable once funding has been obtained, but, given the current coronavirus crisis, we can’t yet say when that might be.

This is a worrying time for all of us, but particularly for the older and more vulnerable
members of our community. The number of cases of coronavirus in Surrey
continues to increase and there is a large concentration of cases in London

The situation is changing rapidly with new government announcements daily. What
is clear is that as a community we need to help and protect those who are most
vulnerable to this virus.

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