In response to a request from the Parish Council, County Cllr Becky Rush had offered to contribute 50% towards the cost of new LED halos to be installed at the zebra crossing outside Son Flowers near the Green. The other 50% will be provided by the Parish Council. These ultra-visible halos will mean that the crossing can easily be seen by drivers in all light conditions and should improve pedestrian safety. We will find out how quickly the halos can be installed as soon as the funding is confirmed.

Inadequate enforcement of the parking restrictions particularly in and around Warlingham Green is a longstanding issue which causes much annoyance to shopkeepers and residents alike.This includes motorists overstaying beyond the one hour restriction, parking in the disabled bays outside the Co-op and the Library, and parking on yellow lines. Overstaying is a big issue for our shopkeepers, as it prevents potential customers parking and loses them trade, so is a direct threat to the prosperity of our village centre. There are also issues outside our schools and near the sports clubs on Sunday morning.

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