Local InformationContact Details:

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council Parking Enforcement

Phone 01737 276000

Surrey Police

Phone 101 or 01483 571212

Surrey County Council - Parking Team (for changes to parking restrictions)

Phone 0300 200 1003
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1) Parking Restrictions

Surrey County Council (SCC) is responsible for putting in new parking restrictions (or removing them) and maintaining the associated signs and lines.

We implement new waiting restrictions as as part of parking reviews. These are carried out annually by the SCC Parking Team and the SCC Local Committee in Tandridge, who make decisions about highway matters.

To find out more about the Tandridge Parking Review process look at our web pages:


2) Parking Enforcement

Surrrey County Council is also responsible for making sure parking restrictions are enforced. We have agreements with some district and borough councils in Surrey (who already enforce car parks) to carry this out on our behalf.

In Tandridge District we have an agreement with neighbouring Reigate and Banstead (R&B) Borough Council to carry out on street parking enforcement. R&B generally enforce waiting and loading restrictions but where there are none in place the police can sometimes take action.

Here is a list of typical parking offences giving the respective authority that would  deal with their enforcement:

Parked in contravention of a waiting restriction (yellow line) - R&B Parking Team.

Parking bays including resident permit schemes and disabled/other bays - R&B Parking Team or Surrey Police.

School zig zags - R&B Parking Team

Pedestrian crossing zig zags - R&B Parking Team or Surrey Police

Loading restrictions - R&B Parking Team

Parking in front of a dropped kerb - R&B Parking Team or Surrey Police

Note: A resident can call the police or R&B if a car that does not belong to them blocks their kerb access.  Neither authority is likely to physically remove the obstructing vehicle but they may issue a penalty to the offending vehicle owner.

Parking on the footway - if the footway is obstructed by a parked car then call Surrrey Police.

Note: Waiting restrictions apply to the footway as well, so where these are present they can be enforced. If there are no waiting restrictions and vehicles park obstructively on the footway, Surrey Police can take action. As a rule  an obstruction on the footway means a wheelchair or pushchair couldn't get through.

Parking on grass verges - R&B Parking or Surrey Highways

Note: Waiting restrictions apply to the back of the footway so can be enforced even if a car is parked on the verge behind the kerb.  If there are no waiting restrictions Surrey Highways may consider putting in posts to prevent parking on highway verges.

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